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Glendale, Arizona, is a medium-sized city located about 15 minutes north of downtown Phoenix in the Salt River Valley. It is well-known for its Native American art and Southwestern architecture. It is also known for its desert climate that features mild springs, mild winters, and hot summers.

Glendale's modern history can be traced back to 1884 when the first settlers arrived in the area. Most of the city's earliest settlers were farmers and merchants who were attracted to the area's location near the Salt River.

Glendale residents utilized this location near the Salt River to create a thriving railroad center that catered to the needs of farmers and merchants. Many farmers used the city's early railroad connections to transport cattle and produce to commercial centers located in the Four Corners Area.

Glendale's population grew quickly during the 20th century after many Arizona residents discovered the city's reasonable real estate prices and low crime rates. This population growth spurred interest in professional sports and upscale shopping destinations that continues to this day.

Glendale, Arizona, is now a thriving city that offers residents a fantastic lifestyle that attracts many new residents each year. This lifestyle is enhanced by the Westgate City Center and other attractions that offer residents many dining, entertainment, and shopping options. It is also enhanced by Glendale's natural beauty that you can see as you travel on Glendale's roads and freeways.

Glendale's most important transportation hubs include the Agua Fria Freeway, the Black Canyon Freeway, Interstate 10, and Interstate 17. Other important transportation hubs include North 43rd Avenue and West Camelback Road. Most of these transportation hubs intersect with Grand Avenue to provide direct access to Glendale's most popular attractions.

Glendale features several roads that do not travel in straight lines. For example, Grand Avenue runs diagonally from North 83rd Avenue to Interstate 17. Moreover, the Agua Fria Freeway features a horseshoe shape that starts near the Papago Freeway before wrapping around Grand Avenue and Westgate City Center. Most locals recommend asking for clear directions before traveling on these roads to avoid needless travel delays.

Many of Glendale's most popular attractions are located at Westgate City Center. This mixed-use development was constructed in 2006 near Northwest Grand Avenue to meet the demand for an entertainment district in Glendale's Yucca District. It is home to several gourmet restaurants, many upscale department stores, and several modern apartment complexes. It is also home to one of the Southwest's most popular outdoor concert spaces.

Westgate City Center's outdoor concert space hosts many events throughout the year that attract many tourists to the area. Many visitors enjoy attending these events because Westgate City Center features an inviting environment that encourages visitors to interact positively with people and places.

Finally, Glendale features several bike routes that offer bicyclists a convenient way to travel to Glendale's most popular attractions. Many of Glendale's most popular bike routes are located near Grand Avenue, North 42nd Avenue and the Agua Fria Freeway. Other popular bike routes are located near North 12th Street and 67th Avenue. Visitors can simplify their search for these bike routes by looking for green signs that dot most of Glendale's bike routes.

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